Tuesday, January 16th 2018
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Cancellation and Return Policy:
Cancellation and Return Policy:

Cancellation Procedure. Customer is responsible for all EtechGlobal Service charges up to and including the day client cancels EtechGlobal Services. To cancel EtechGlobal Service the customer must contact our Sioux Falls office by phone (number is listed on this website's contact page) and request cancellation. An EtechGlobal representative will verify that the person calling is the owner of the site and will issue a cancellation number to the customer. The cancellation number will serve as proof that the site and service has been cancelled. The customer is responsible for all outstanding charges up to the time the cancellation number is issued. For security purposes, e-mail notice will be disregarded. 

Cancellation of EtechGlobal Services does not release client from any long term contracts that client might have signed with EtechGlobal. If client has pre-paid for a year of service, cancellation does not result in a refund.



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