Thursday, November 23rd 2017
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Doing Business With eTechGLOBAL

What if eTECHGLOBAL goes out of business?
We’re in this for the long haul but this is a question that should be addressed. In the unlikely event that eTECHGLOBAL ceases to do business, we will provide you with all your data in a comma delimited file suitable for import to most databases or spread sheets as well as your images. Your data and images are yours to take elsewhere.
What if I decide to go elsewhere?
We don't punish you for leaving. Our monthly or yearly license allows you to go elsewhere at any time - and take your product and customer account data, as well as all your product images, with you. We are in business to provide outstanding value and do not need to hold our customers hostage.
What if my bandwidth or hard drive space gets too large?
That's a good situation to be in! We understand that some businesses see an exceptional amount of trafic or have a high enough demand for file storage to require more robust hosting plans. You may request an upgraded hosting plan at any time. If your monthly bandwidth or file storage exceeds your current plan, we will contact you before upgrading your plan. Our standard plan cobers the needs of most small to medium businesses and the need to upgrade is rare.
What do I have to lose?
Nothing. Why not tap into your full Internet potential with an eTECHGLOBAL Dynamic Web Site today!

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