Thursday, November 23rd 2017
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Web Site Promotion

Does eTechGLOBAL Offer Site Promotion?
An important part of managing a web site is promoting it so that your customers will visit the site.  We expect that our customers will want people to visit their web site so site promotion is part of our site design and part of our basic hosting service.  If you are a customer eTECHGLOBAL will provide our services and our experience to guide and help you with a practical and effective approach to growing your site traffic at no extra charge.

Our knowledge and methods for web site promotion is based on our practical experience and our understanding of how important site traffic is to our clients. At eTECHGLOBAL we are constantly testing site promotion ideas so you can benefit from tested and proven promotion strategies and methods.
What About the Promotion Emails I am Getting?
Once you have a web site you will find that there are many who claim to do magical things with site promotion, if you will just give them some money. There have been exploits in the past to get high ranking on search engines to direct traffic to your site but they did not last long. The search providers are very interested in “fair” rankings so they find ways to remove any exploits as soon as the search providers find out about them. Like many things there are no shortcuts to site rankings and if someone is trying to sell you a top ranking they are overselling what they can do for you or planning to cheat you. At eTECHGLOBAL we design our sites to be search engine friendly with no frames, active page titles and tested meta tags. eTECHGLOBAL will work with you to help get the most value from our site design and our knowledge of how to improve your search engine rankings.
What about Meta Tags?
Meta tags must be designed correctly so search engines will be able to use them. eTECHGLOBAL well help you with your meta tags and test them to make sure they will not be rejected by a search engine. Your page titles are also important for search engine scoring and we will help you select title text that will describe you site correctly. As a eTECHGLOBAL client we will submit your site to the search providers so they will know about the site and visit periodically to record any changes you have made.

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