Thursday, November 23rd 2017
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On-Line Administration

Can I Make Changes to My Site Content?
Our core design is based on making it easy for you to update your site content using our on-line tools.   With our easy to use tools you can keep your site up to date as your business changes so your customers who web site will see current information.  A dated web site reduces the site value the longer it goes without update so in our quest for a high value service we worked hard on making updates easy.
Do I Need to Install Software to Administer My Site?
With each of our sites you are supported with administrative tools that work with your browser for easy updates to your site.  All you need to administer your site is an internet connection and a browser.

You can even setup new administration accounts with restricted user rights to free up your time by delegating selected administration duties to others.
What if I don't Need all the Features? What if I don't Need all the Features?
You select your site's active features! You can turn site features on and off at your discretion. This allows you to fine-tune your site to fit your business needs.

For example with an e-Commerce Site;
If you sell products that are frequently reordered. Turn on the Shopping List feature and your customers can create their own "Shopping List" of items they frequently order and items they would like to order in the near future.

You may also opt to activate the Fast Find express order feature that allows your customers to enter your catalog part number (or SKU) to purchase items with two easy clicks.
Do I Need to Know HTML?  Do I Need to Know HTML?

WYSIWYG text editors (What You See Is What You Get) makes it easy to format your product description, vendor and category text. This simple MS Word® style interface allows you to add bullets or numbered lists, change font colors and styles and add hyperlinks.

Other web site providers often require you to know how to use a HTML layout tool. All you need to know to enter information into our web sites is how to use a word processor.

Image uploads are easily performed from your web browser and images are automatically resized (if necessary) to fit the page. You may also select left, right or center image justification to improve the look of your site. You may also use product images for more than one product.
What if I Want to Review Edits Before They are Public? What if I Want to Review Edits Before They are Public?

An advanced edit feature allows you to delay the publishing of your edits until you are ready. While the public continues to view the current information you can update and modify at your convenience. When you're ready to make your edited page public, you simply click the "Publish" button and the new version becomes public.

This is an excellent way to delegate tasks within your site. The Publish command can be restricted to certain administrators so you can safely assign the task of updating to employees, friends or relatives, without fear of inaccurate or incorrect updates becoming public. You may assign multiple users publishing rights so that trusted key people with your organization may proof read, edit and publish the changes made by others. There is also a Revert command that allows those with publishing rights to delete the edits and start over. Features like this place eTECHGLOBAL web sites light years ahead of the competition.

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