Thursday, November 23rd 2017
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Can I Setup Administrative Accounts?
We have setup your administrative security so you can delegate work without the need for complete access rights for every user and you can setup as many administrative accounts as you want.
Do I Pay Extra for SSL?
We provide a shared SSL as part of our service.  You do have the option of having a private SSL certificate if you feel the extra cost is worth it.
How Are Credit Card Numbers Secured?
We use SSL for any areas where credit cards are entered or viewed.  We never display the complete payment information back to the customer screens.  You will also notice that during order processing the complete credit card number can only be viewed during billing.  When the customer goes through the checkout process they are required to enter their password again so an order can not be placed by someone else if the customer is away from their computer and still logged in.  We also require the entry of payment information with each order so anyone hacking a customer account would not gain access to their payment information.

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