Thursday, November 23rd 2017
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Order Processing

Can I do On-Line Credit Card Submittals?
You can do on-line credit card submittals if you are setup for the correct card processing accounts.  On-line processing is optional so you don't have to process on-line if you don't want to.
Do I need a Merchant Account?
Over 80% percent of the orders processed over the Internet use credit card payment. For a better customer experience we have setup our shopping cart to use credit cards for payment.

To accept credit card payment you need a merchant account. If you do not have a merchant account we can help you with the options you need to select when you set one up.

If you want to accept other types of payment we can provide for that but we do encourage you to accept credit cards so you so not discourage your customers.
How do I Find Out About New Orders?
You receive an email notice of any new orders.  If you have a lot of orders you can view them all at once by checking the order processing area of your web site.

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