Thursday, November 23rd 2017
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Customer's My Account Area

Can Customers Change Their Billing or Shipping Address?
We store your customer address information so they do not need to reenter it with every order.  In the my account area they can change both shipping and/or billing addresses.
Can Customers Change Their E-Mail Address?
We use the customer's email address for their login to make it easy for them to remember it.  At any time they can login to their account and change their email address and login.
Can Customers Print Copies of Orders?
Our system retains a copy of the customer orders for 90 days.  At any time during the 90 days the customer's can login and print copies of their orders.
Can Customers Request Return Authorization?
Customer's have a on-line form that they can use to request authorization for returns.  The order processing administration has entry screens to use to enter any returns so they can be tracked.

Can Customers Save and View Their Shopping (Wish) List?
Customer's and build a shopping list of items that they want to order later or items for repeat orders under their account so they have it when they login later.  The shopping list can be converting to an order by selecting the items they want to order at any one time.
Can Customers Track Order Processing Status?
Customers can view their order and see the current processing status as you receive, fill, bill and ship their order.
Can Customers Track Orders?
We have a link for customers to use to access their shipping provider and track their package once it has shipped.

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