Thursday, November 23rd 2017
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The EtechGlobal Mascot


What's with the little globe guy?

That's Globey, our eTECHGLOBAL mascot. He may seem like a funny little guy but he's serious about building fantastic websites! He also informs our customers of updates, security alerts and new features.

What's the deal with his hair?

What's the deal with his hair?

We believe Globey is hair challenged but feel too awkward to ask.

Does Globey work out?

Does Globey work out?
He try's to get in an hour or two each day lifting free weights. He had to give up jogging years ago because of his unusually short stride but he eats right and stays fairly fit - for a globe.

How's Globey doing after his accident?

How's Globey doing after his accident?
Thanks for asking. Globey has had a full recovery thanks to your cards and prayers and a few parts from China. He would like remind everyone to be very careful around fireworks and to have a safe Independence Day.

How did he fit in this year's Halloween Costume?

How did he manage to fit into this year's Halloween Costume?

We were wondering the same thing! He certainly is a creative little guy and we think orange is his color.

Does Globey have any hobbies?

Does Globey have any hobbies?
Globey is a HUGE space freak! He's been heavy into space travel and si-fi space shows ever since he had the walk-on part in Star Wars as R2D2's estranged lover. Here's a photo of him with his moon suit and the moon boots he bought on ebay.

Is it true Globey does EtechGlobal's books?

Is it true Globey does EtechGlobal's books?

That's true. We handed the job of book keeping over to him when we found out how talented he was with QuickBooks. If you have a billing question, please ask for him.

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