Thursday, November 23rd 2017
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Site Loading and Setup

How long do I have to load my products and content?
You can take as long as you need to load products and content to your site. Your monthly billing will start as soon as your site goes live (public) or after 30-days if it is not public, whichever comes first. Just let us know when you're ready to go live.

Can my existing site stay live while I'm loading the new one?
We will provide you with an entrence to load and maintain your site. Your existing site can remain active until you're ready to launch your new EtechGlobal site. The change to your new site should be relativly seamless and usually takes place within 24-hours of your DNS change.

Can I hire someone to load my site?
Of course! EtechGlobal can handle the task of loading your site with products and content. Our experienced staff knows how to get the most from your site and keep it looking professionalContact us for pricing. You may also assign the task to someone else. The flexibility of our user administration enables you to setup users to load your site without fear of unplanned deletions or modifications to existing content.

Can I load content from my old site?
One way or another you should be able to move existing content to your new site. If you currently have a dynamic site (database-driven) we may be able to pre-load your site with your present data. If you have a dynamic site, please contact us and we'll see if this is possible. Content may also be "pasted" to your new site from your old one. We can help guide you through either solution.

How complete is my site when I get it?
Your site will have all the navigation graphics and site images that are part of the initial setup however it will be void of content. We usually help with homepage suggestions because we want your site to look its best when new visitors enter. You will need to choose what features you want to enable and enter your contact, privacy and company information along with shipping and return policies if you choose to have an on-line store. Your category tree and products will also need to be entered.

The initial loading of a large site with many products can be quite a task however updates and additions are normally not a burden once the site is loaded. This is why many of our clients choose to have EtechGlobal handle the initial loading of their site to expedite the process. Once the site is loaded and ready they we provide an administration tutorial and they take over their site's maintenance.


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