Thursday, November 23rd 2017
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What makes this thing tick?
The image below best explains how the system works. The buckets (of code) above represent just a few examples of the many modules that are available to the ESI (Etechglobal Solution Interface) for use on any site. Each site possesses it's own domain name, images and data that make it unique. The beauty of this system is outlined below.
What makes this thing tick?

Sharing a modular code-base enables us to maintain, test and update everyone's site at the same time, from one location. It also frees us to add new features and applications that will be available to every eTECHGLOBAL customer.

Here are a few ways YOU benefit!

  • You always have the latest version
  • New features are available to everyone
  • You can decide what features you want
  • Increased testing benefits all sites
  • No need to purchase an expensive website

Your customers will also benefit from a proven navigation layout and less customer confusion. Great graphics and features will keep them coming back and leave a positive lasting impression.

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