Thursday, November 23rd 2017
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How EtechGlobal Saves You Money

In the market for a new website? Here are two scenarios:

1.) You can contact a web development company or advertising agency and hire them to create a site that meets your current needs or that fits your budget. You can expect to pay $5000 or more for an entry-level shopping cart site or for a site that allows you to add dynamic content, but don't expect much. After the initial expense, there are on-going hosting fees (usually $50/month or more) and search engine submittals (normally several hundred dollars a year). You'll of course continue paying your developer to add new features and perform periodic updates as time goes on.

Total Cost: Approximately $6000 or more the first year.

2.) You can go with an EtechGlobal site and spend $200 on for setup and graphics and as little as $99/month after that. Your site will be submitted to the search engines quarterly, you'll have domain e-mail, web statistics, and best of all... full use of a six-figure website without breaking your budget. Your web presence will be clean and professional, providing a positive impression of your business. And there's no need to worry about future development when we're adding features and updates on a regular basis. Your site will never be outdated!

Total Cost: Approximately $1400 the first year.

Why not keep your money? Freeing up capital is a smart business decision and allows you to grow your business at a faster rate. Our "No Surprises" pricing structure enables you to budget a set monthly amount and keep the rest in your business - earning you money.

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